Freeze Stuffed Bell Peppers

Frozen stuffed peppers make easy lunches and quick healthy meals with little effort.

I’m so glad you’re here! Join me on this adventure in Instant Pot and Air Fryer recipe creations. I love creating easy recipes that any busy family will enjoy.

You Will Need:

– Leftover or meal-prepped stuffed bell peppers – 9×12 glass baking dish or baking sheet – Plastic Wrap – Tin foil – Freezer-safe container, Gallon freezer Ziploc bag, or a reusable silicone airtight bag – Sharpie for labeling


Regardless of the stuffed pepper recipe you are following or the cooking process you are using, the steps are the same for this freezing method.

Prepare Peppers


Remove the cooked bell peppers from the Instant Pot or the Oven and place them in a glass baking dish.

Cooked Peppers


Allow the peppers to cool on the counter at room temperature before covering them with foil or plastic wrap or aluminum foil and placing them in the fridge.

Cool Peppers

Allow the cooked stuffed bell peppers to cool completely in the fridge before moving on to the freezing process.



Freeze each stuffed bell pepper separately, and wrap them tightly in a double layer of plastic wrap.

Plastic Wrap

Foil Wrap

Follow plastic wrap with a layer of aluminum foil, and label and date each wrapped pepper.